Thursday, December 8, 2016


Sorry about the huge gap since the last post.  Must do better.
 In addition to all our usual activities and preaching, we preached at Denby Dale.
 We went on holiday to the midlands where Susannah tried to emulate St. Francis.

 We attended worship at Moira church.

 Later in the year we preached at Ruskington Church in the morning and

 at Dorrington church in the evening.
 The circuit held its stall in the Norfolk Park on the occasion of Sheffield Show in August.

 Later in the year we preached at Heath End Church, after going round Nuneaton completely and leaving on the same road we came in by.
 The church has recently been renovated from the school room,
whilst the old church on the other side of the road has been sold.

There have also been circuit meetings to go to (and chair), leaflets and Christmas cards to print and distribute, as well as newsletters.  

Friday, January 1, 2016

Late 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting.  2015 has been a bit hectic with work, church and personal commitments.  As well as all this, we have computer and printer problems, which have slowed down much of the other works.

We have produced hundreds of leaflets and distributed them, ditto Christmas cards.  Between us we have preached at over 30 services in different churches.  Besides services in our own Sheffield circuit we have preached at Denby Dale,

 and New Swannington churches.

Susannah has been cooking for the supper clubs and spent a long time preparing for the flower festival (pictures at ), along with a number of other volunteers.

We have been to circuit meetings, and Jonathan has been appointed President of the Sheffield circuit for the next two years.

Unfortunately, in addition to the computer problems, there were also some camera problems, so there are not very many pictures to illustrate the events.  Hopefully this has now been resolved, so we should be back to normal next time.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Early 2015

It has been quite a busy start to the year.  There have been studies to prepare for, services and sermons to write, leaflets to print and distribute, and programmes to plan.  Over Easter we went to Morecambe for a few days holiday.
 We visited a grade 2 listed ice cream parlour.
 Susannah brought a little sunshine.  We certainly needed it, despite fine dry weather over the country, Morecambe remained misty for three of the four days.
 We visited Arnside, where we watched trains, and found a very nice coffee shop.
 Then we watched the tidal bore come in, Although it looks less than spectacular in the picture, the sight of the wave suddenly rushing in and covering the sandbanks in a matter of minutes is quite awe-inspiring.
 We went to church at the local Free Methodist church, where we were made most welcome.  It was very unusual for us to be the oldest members of a congregation.
 We went to the coast a bit to the north and really tested our determination to follow "Thou shalt not covet"!
 In May Jonathan preached at the Rose Hill Church in Dodworth as his connexional plan appointment.

 After the service we were invited to a prayer meeting made up of people from a number of churches in the Barnsley circuit, and afterwards a meal.
In the afternoon of the same day, Susannah preached at Cornerstone Church in Doncaster.
After this service we were invited to tea.
We represented the church at the circuit meeting, and are in the process of preparing the next leaflet, the next newsletter and the publicity for the upcoming flower festival and music festival.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Late 2014

Susannah and Jonathan have been busy in a number of  locations.  As well as everything to do with Mayfield, we have preached in various places in the area.  We went to Wellingborough to Alma Street chapel as our commitment to the connexional plan.

 We were involved in the circuit outreach event at Norfolk Park, where there were children's activities, a prayer tree and a selection of bibles and literature.  The first day was fine, and we had a good number of conversations.

 Unfortunately, the second day was very poor weather, and there were few visitors.

Later in the year, we had the evening with Paul Hinton and Maureen Greaves at the Crowded House on Sharrowvale Road.  This was very well attended, and a very successful evening.

We prepared, printed and distributed about 600 Christmas cards round the area where our church is, which invited people to our events.  Then there was the shopping and preparation for the Five courses and Carols.  All this was worth the effort when several people we had not seen before turned up to our Christmas events.

Monday, August 4, 2014

 Over the Easter weekend, Susannah and Jonathan took a few days holiday at Blackpool.  It was very pleasant to have time when we could just relax and not have to do anything.
 We looked at the sights,
 went to chapel at the local Independent Methodist Church, where we were made very welcome, and Susannah had a paddle.
 All too soon it was time to come home again.
During the months from Easter to August, Susannah and Jonathan preached at 15 services in various places.  We attended preachers' fellowship meetings held in the circuit and represented the church at the planning meetings for the circuit events.

The two events planned are:
1) A stall in Norfolk Park over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  We willbe organising children's craft activities, giving out literature and having conversations with people.
2) An evening with Maureen Greaves and Paul Hinton.  This will take place at Sharrow Vale Wesleyan Reform Church, 215 Sharrow Vale Road on 9th October at 7-30p.m.  Maureen will be interviewed by Paul and Paul will then speak.

 At work in the market we held a "Dress as a Superhero Day" in aid of Hallam fm's charity appeal.  Jonathan dressed as Dangermouse, and Susannah chose to dress as a real life superhero, Emily Davison.
 In August, we went to Askham Bryan College to see our son Nathan collect his award and certificate following a year's study of arboriculture.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Autumn 2013, Winter and early 2014

Sorry for the long delay since last posting anything.  Not only is church very busy over Christmas, but our work has also been very busy as the market moved in Sheffield.  After a frantic couple of weeks at the end of November, we are now happily settled at the new Moor Market in Sheffield.    More details are available at our work blog
There were over 600 copies of the church Christmas Card to be printed, put into envelopes and distributed round the area.
As well as the church activities detailed in the church blog, there were other events such as the circuit meeting, where Jonathan presented Julia with her certificate to mark 20 years service as a local preacher.
 It is people who respond to God's calling, and serve with dedication such as this who are the bedrock on which our churches are built.
At this meeting, Jonathan came to the end of his two year stint as circuit president, and handed over to the capable hands of Carole Parkinson.
The invitations to the church party were printed and sent out to members, friends and people who have served our fellowship over the last year.
The church meeting met, and so did the Leaders of worship and preachers' fellowship.  Jonathan and Susannah  led the meeting on the theme "Symbols in Worship".
Jonathan represented the church at the funeral of Cedric Cocker, the well-known "Banner Man" of Sheffield, often to be seen in Fargate, and sometimes much further afield across the nation.  He carried a banner to the last.
More details of his witness can be seen at 
and an account of his funeral is at
The preacher invited to our circuit evangelistic event in October came to speak at our St. Mary's Church, and we were able to listen to him and find out what his style was.  There will be other meetings to finalise the main event, and also tom plan the stall in Norfolk Park in August.
The President of the Wesleyan Reform Union came to Sheffield in early March.  He attended a meal at our Richmond church and spoke afterwards.  Jonathan and Susannah attended the after dinner part of the event.  The president than came to Mayfield on Sunday and preached on the story of Ruth.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Summer and Early Autumn 2013

Once again, time has been our enemy, and blogging has had to take a back seat.  Over the months there have been hundreds of copies of leaflets made and distributed.  "Summer 2013" and "Autumn 2013" were both distributed to over 600 homes.
Two editions of the newsletter have also been produced and printed.  
Susannah and Jonathan have represented the church at meetings for the circuit outreach events, and all the leaflets were produced for the circuit outreach stall at Sheffield Fayre in Norfolk Park.

The event was a great success, with many conversations being had with people passing by, and many requests for prayer being left with us.  We gave away many leaflets, texts, bibles, tracts and books.
Some of our members found the attractions of the Fayre an added bonus!
There was a circuit meeting at Mayfield in early September, and a meeting to examine the outcome of the outreach events in early October at Hampden View Church.

Over the three months, Susannah and Jonathan preached at 13 appointments, including a visit to Hough Lane Wesleyan Reform Church in Wombwell, where we were sent on the "Connexional Plan".  This an arrangement whereby preachers are asked to volunteer to be at churches where they would not normally visit.