Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday April 11th

In the morning Jonathan was planned to preach at Hucknall Wesleyan Reform Church. Our short journey down the motorway was frustrated by a 20m.p.h. restriction on account of "Oncoming Vehicle". There was no sign of any such vehicle, but the journey was lengthened considerably. However, we had allowed plenty of time and Jonathan preached using the walk to Emmaus (Luke 24; 13-35) as his text, his idea was the importance of recognising Jesus in our everyday lives. The pictures show the inside and outside of the chapel.

Later in the day, Susannah was planned to preach at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church, much closer to home. She too used the story of the walk to Emmaus, but used the images of walking with Jesus and the idea of a journey. Again, the pictures show the inside and outside of the chapel.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter week.

We started our Easter celebrations by searching on the internet for details of a Passover meal which we could use with the bible fellowship on Tuesday. This was very complicated as there are apparently many different traditions among Jewish groups.
Having sorted out what we intended doing, there were prayers and blessings to find, recipes to sort out and then a combined order of service/menu to produce.
Most of the ingredients were straightforward, but Susannah made some last minute additions as a result of converations with other customers in Tesco who were also buying their ingredients for the Seder meal, and were interested in what we were doing.
The event went well, and people appreciated how Jesus had used the meal and done what he often did which was to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
8-00a.m. on Good Friday saw us at our St. Mary's Wesleyan Reform Church in the City centre for the morning service. Derek Linkens preached and celebrated communion.
Our evening service at Mayfield saw some confusion as we had variously announced the time of the service as 7-30p.m. and 7-00p.m. even different pages of the newsletter did not agree! We waited until 7-30 to be sure that everyone was present.
Saturday morning was another fairly start (for a holiday) as it was our turn to run the church coffee morning. A steady stream of people turned out and we collected £40-55 for the Alzheimer's society.
Sunday was an even earlier start as Jonathan was celebrating at the morning communion service (8-00a.m. start) He was under strict instruction not to delay breakfast by preaching a sermon.
Our final act for Easter was for Susannah to lead the 6-30p.m. service, unusually this was not communion due to their having been communion in the morning so she led an informal "Service in the round".

In the beginning

We have decided to try to keep a blog of the things we do, and the places we visit in the course of our duties as pastors of Mayfield Wesleyan Reform Church. The activities of the church and the future plans are already covered by the church blog and the church website, but we do other things in other places which we thought that people might be interested in.
We're starting with Easter 2010.