Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 2011

June was a busy month for both of us. It started with printing and distributing about 500 copies of the "Summer 2011" what's on leaflet. These were taken round the area of the chapel to that people knew about the upcoming events, especially the flower festival at the start of July.

On the 4th, Susannah was at a prayer and prophecy meeting at St. Peter's, Ellesmere. On the 6th she led the ladies' fellowship at Hatfield House Lane Methodist church, her theme was "Hymns of my life."

On &th July Susannah was taking a funeral, and then on the 8th, she was attending a meeting to plan the W.R.U. half yearly meeting when it comes to Sheffield in November.

The 9th was the circuit meeting, at Mayfield.

In the evenings of 16th and 21st, Jonathan was mowing the field at chapel. The church ride-on mower is in need of a service, but this did not deter Susannah from deciding that the grass needed mowing, so Jonathan had to do it with the flymo!

The 16th to the 18th saw Susannah at the W.R.U. conference at Swanwick. Whilst the evening of the 18th saw Jonathan baking for the "Open Gate" on the 19th.

The following week meant that Jonathan had to print the programmes, newsletters and leaflets for the flower festival. On 21st, Susannah and Jonathan were shopping for the supper club.
On 25th, susannah was at Peterborough for a celebration of the anniversary of "Christians against Poverty".

On 26th, Susannah, Jamie and Nathan led our Sunday service based on the ideas which had come from the "Redefine Sheffield" events which the boys had been on.

On 29th and 30th, we were both at chapel preparing for the flower festival at the start of July.