Friday, January 1, 2016

Late 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting.  2015 has been a bit hectic with work, church and personal commitments.  As well as all this, we have computer and printer problems, which have slowed down much of the other works.

We have produced hundreds of leaflets and distributed them, ditto Christmas cards.  Between us we have preached at over 30 services in different churches.  Besides services in our own Sheffield circuit we have preached at Denby Dale,

 and New Swannington churches.

Susannah has been cooking for the supper clubs and spent a long time preparing for the flower festival (pictures at ), along with a number of other volunteers.

We have been to circuit meetings, and Jonathan has been appointed President of the Sheffield circuit for the next two years.

Unfortunately, in addition to the computer problems, there were also some camera problems, so there are not very many pictures to illustrate the events.  Hopefully this has now been resolved, so we should be back to normal next time.