Thursday, June 17, 2010


Another busy month. Susannah started out by preaching at Tapton Hill Congregational Church at 2-45p.m. on May 2nd.
The church meeting on May 12th required planning, as there were minutes of the previous meeting to duplicate and ideas to pass to the secretary in order to help him prepare the agenda. Also we had to make sure that we had done everything which we had agreed to do at the last meeting.
For the rest of the week, Jonathan was collecting pictures of different stones and rocks ready for the Café church on May 16th. In addition there were hymns on this theme and pictures to colour in to be found and duplicated. On Sunday, the chapel had to be rearranged for the Café Church, and then put back afterwards.
Later, Susannah had to contact the preacher for the next Sunday to arrange transport and discover whether she had any special requests. Two days later we were attending a meeting in Dodworth in order to progress the arrangements for the Union youth weekend in September. A bit of a walk down memory lane for us as we were married in Dodworth Methodist Church. The local chip shop was a satisfying end to the day.
On 23rd May, Susannah was at Denby Dale Wesleyan Reform church to lead the singing for the Pentecost sing. At the same time, Jonathan was preaching at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church where he used the parable of the talents as the starting point for the study of the story of Pentecost.
The 27th was our monthly Supper Club, and a great deal of effort was required to do all the shopping as we received the keys to our new shop on that day, so, in addition to everything else, we were in the throes of moving the entire stock of our shop from where it was stored to the new premises. Supper was once again served in the chapel and Jennifer Senior from our Philadelphia Church talked about Yorkshire and its dialect.
In amongst everything else, there were posters for the flower festival, summer solstice service and Ladies quiet day to be produced and distributed.