Monday, November 19, 2012

October 2012

On the 7th, Jonathan had to leave the harvest festival at Mayfield because he was preaching at our Philadelphia church for their harvest festival in the evening.
On the 9th, we went shopping for the "Five Crops and Choruses" on Thursday.  Wednesday evening was spent at chapel preparing for the next day.
On Thursday 18th, Susannah was speaking on "My Dyslexic Faith" at Pitsmoor Methodist Church Home Fire Girls coffee morning.  In the afternoon, she attended a meeting organised by the Third Sector Assembly.  this was attended by some of the candidates for the office of police commissioner..
On Monday 22nd, Susannah addressed the Hatfield House Lane Methodist Ladies' meeting on the subject of the Lord's Prayer.
On the 25th, we both attended the Sheffield Circuit Local Preachers and Leaders of Worship Fellowship.  Susannah led our thoughts on the use of drama in worship.
On the 26th, Susannah attended the coffee morning at Greenhead Church.  She took the opportunity to retrieve the coat which Jonathan had left there last time he preached!
On the 27th, Susannah represented the church at a meeting of Fulwood Ministry support team at Christ Church, Fulwood.
On Sunday 18th, Susannah and Jonathan travelled by train to Denby Dale church where they had been asked to lead the Harvest Festival celebrations.  Susannah led a family service in the afternoon and Jonathan took a more traditional service in the evening.  Tea was served between the two services.
A great deal had been done to make the church attractive and informative.


On the 30th, shopping a preparation was done to get ready for the Festival of Light the next day.
Towards the end of the month, Jonathan started printing and assembling the Christmas Cards ready for the distribution round the valley.  Leaflets were also printed to publicise the Christmas Fayre at the end of November, these were then posted to the mailing list.