Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December 2011

On December 8th we went to the circuit meeting at St. Mary's Wesleyan Reform Church where susannah was to complete her two year term of office at the circuit president. Jonathan was inducted as the next president for another two year term. In the previous few days, he had been preparing a calendar with a picture of each church in the circuit. since there are twelve churches this is one per month. The idea is that it will encourage the churches to pray for each other throughout the year. Representatives of each church were given a copy.
The next publishing venture was the service sheets and menu for "Five Courses and Carols"
Susannah spoke at the Carol Service at Hamden View Church on Wednesday 14th. In the evening Jonathan and Jamie were baking in readiness for the "Five Courses and Carols" event whilst Susannah laid the tables.
The menu was: Appetiser; Carollers' Cup: Starter; Fish and Ships: Main Course; Chicken Drumsticks and vegetables: Dessert; Deep and Crisp Apple Snow: Sweet; Silver bells, tea and coffee:
The carol sheets for the carol service had to be printed. Jonathan led the service at 3-00p.m. on the 18th.
On the 19th we went carol singing round the valley as usual and were well received by the people we visited.
The carol singing with the Salvation Army was well attended on Wednesday 21st, as was the morning service at 10-30 on Christmas Day.
Happy New Year!

November 2011

The Local Preachers Fellowship meeting was held in tandem with the Ministers and Pastors meeting at Jump Wesleyan Reform Church, near Barnsley.
Later in the week, we went to Barnsley and we passed Salem Wesleyan Reform Church, one of the oldest churches in the Union.

Our preachers in November were all asked to preach to the theme "Echoes of the Old Testament in the New". Jonathan and Susannah were two of these preachers.

The Union "Half Yearly Meeting" was held in our Philadelphia Church on Saturday 19th and Susannah was part of the team responsible for Lunch. Both of us went to the worship after tea.

Our annual Christmas Fair Trade Fayre was held on the 26th and was a great success.

September and October 2011

Is September we went to the circuit meeting at our Coal Aston Church. Brian Kay, one of our members at Mayfield, was presented with a certificate to commemorate his 40 years service as a local preacher. He spoke briefly on his training and experiences.

Our plum tree had a good year, and quite some time was spent picking, preparing and preserving the fruit. Quantities of jam and chutney were sold in support of Martin House Hospice.

One of our visitors suggested that we might be involved in the restoration of the causeways on David Lane and Mayfield Road. We will be canvassing support for this in early 2012. Please get in touch if you are interested.
On the 8th of September we hosted the pie and pea supper for the Sheffield and District Organists and Choirmasters Society, which involved the usual shopping and baking associated with wuch meals.

Similar work was involved on ther Friday, clearoing up after the meal, and preparing for the Ladies' Quiet Day, "Reflections". The following week, we had to produce songsheets and notes for the Fanny Crosby evening.

Susannah preached at Tapton Hill congregational church twice, and Jonathan preached at Grimersthorpe wesleyan reform church on the occasion of their Harvest Festival. Towards the end of the month we held our Church meeting at Mayfield, the circuit meeting (see above) at Coal Aston, and a coffee morning in aid of MacMillan.

October was a busy month opening with the Harvest Festival, together with coffee morning. The Harvest meal was replaced with "Five Crops and Choruses" this year so there was a substantial couple of days shopping and cooking. This was a good event and will be repeated.

Susannah went to Youlgreave to helpo with leading a quiet day for the union on Saturday 8th Oct. "Mosaics of Peace".

Our preacher on the 9th was provided by the Connexion and Cliff Darby came from our Griffydam Church. Lunch was provided after the service.

On 15th we hosted a concert by the Jubal gospel choir, organised by the Sheffield and District Organists'and Choirmasters Accociation.
Susannah addressed the Hatfield House Lane Methodist Ladies' Meeting and the Dodworth Methodist meeting during the month. Jonathan preached at Denby Dale and Coal Aston Wesleyan Reform Churches and Tapton Hill Congregational Church in October.

On Sunday 30th, the church had to be prepared for the Festival of Light on Monday. During the day on Monday food had to be prepared and the craft activities organised.

July and August 2011

In order to reduce the task of bringing everybody up to date, I am going to miss out all the routine things like shopping, grass cutting and cleaning for the next few months. However, rest assured that they all happened as normal, otherwise most of the other things could not have happened!
In July and August, Jonathan preached at: Tapton Hill Congregational Church, Philadelphia Wesleyan Reform Church, and Mayfield Wesleyan Reform Church; Susannah preached at: Mayfield Wesleyan Reform Church (twice), Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church and Philadephia Wesleyan Reform Church (twice).
Meetings took place with contractors about the alterations to the kitchen.
Susannah prepared for the annual animal and pet service on the 31st July.
August required some preparation for the coffee morning in aid of Martin House, and the camp weekend.