Friday, August 6, 2010

July 2010

July was another busy month. (Is there another sort?) In addition to the activities in the church blog, it was the time to design, print, fold and distribute about 450 "What's On" leaflets for the Summer 2010 period. Towards the end of the month the next edition of the newsletter was also due and had to be printed. This month it was decided to produce a copy of the Wesleyan Reform Union's "Excited About Mission" which is distributed monthly. Members were asked to read and pray about the contents. People who want their own copy can have it sent by email straight from the Union, or ask for a paper copy.

On July 11th Jonathan was preaching at Hampden view church in the morning. This was an "All age worship" on the theme of the calling of the first disciples.

Later that week, the chapel had to be prepared for the coming visit of the Coal Aston United Churches Choir. This involved moving the pulpit and communion table into the vestry and turning several of the pews round in order to accommodate the choir. Arrangements had also to be made to produce and serve about 80 drinks. The evening went well.

Susannah attended an event at "The Rock" Christian centre on Carlisle Street where she read the scripture reading.

Also during the month, a number of visits were made to members of the congregation.