Wednesday, July 21, 2010

June 2010

The week before "Quiet Waters" (the ladies' day) saw us buying material to make the displays, printing programmes, arranging furniture at chapel to enable the event to take place, worrying about what would happen if noone came and generally getting ready. Plants had to found which suited the displays, and the effect of a sheet of water had to be created in the chapel, without getting it wet!

On Sunday June 6th Jonathan was preaching at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church in the morning and at Mayfield in the evening.

May 8th saw Susannah reading and leading prayers in the city centre outside Boots.

Thursday May 10th was the circuit meeting at Grimesthorpe where each church had been challenged to talk about "the state of the work of God" in their place. Susannah chaired the meeting in her role of circuit president. It was very interesting to hear about the ways in which different churches proclaim the Word in their areas.

Saturday June 12th was the induction of Carole Parkinson as the "Women of Action" national president. This was also at Grimesthorpe as Carole attends there. Susannah represented Mayfield at this event.

Susannah was away at Wesleyan Reform Union Conference from 17th to 20th June. This was held jointly with the Countess of Huntingdon's connexion at High Lea conference centre.

Whilst Susannah was away, Jonathan had to bake for the café church service on the Sunday and buy the ingredients for the breakfast on the Monday.

Jonathan led the monthly Café Church on a theme of "Water" to coincide with the collection and dedication of the collection bottles for the "Samaritan's Well" project. Over £167 was collected in this way.

Sunday saw Susannah back late from conference, with the knowledge that she would have to be up at half past two to collect a passenger and prepare for the Summer solstice service at sunrise on Monday.

Susannah Visited the Ladies Rally at Hampden View Church on Wednesday afternoon and preached at the ladies' service on the Sunday evening.

Thursday afternoon was the monthly supper club which had to be shopped and prepared for as usual.

Sunday morning saw Susannah leaving Jonathan at Philadelphia Church and picking up Julia Hodson who was preaching at Mayfield.

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