Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August 2010

The month started with Susannah preaching at the Philadelphia church in the morning. Later that week we were visiting members of the congregation.
Susannah attended the needlework day on the 14th and bought the flowers for church the following day when it was our son's turn to provide them. The materials for the café church were printed and laminated. The seeds to plant had to be bought.

Susannah was camping at church with our dog for the camp weekend, Jonathan was working and at home looking after the animals. He was also preparing and printing the orders of service for the animal service the next day. This went well.
The shopping had to be done for the supper club, one supermarket never has everything we need for a menu!
Afterwards we had to put the pulpit back into the church ready for the wedding on Sunday.
On Saturday 28th we had the rehearsal for the wedding which was to take place the following day. Susannah was the flower arranger for the Sunday, so she did a pedestal display ready the both the morning service and the wedding.
On Sunday, Susannah was preaching at Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church in the morning, and then making the journey back to Mayfield to take part in the wedding. Unfortunately, the car expired on Fulwood Road in a cloud of smoke and steam! Fortunately, a passing motorist stopped and asked if she could be any help, Susannah arrived at the chapel just in time for the service.

Afterwards, the car was successfully started and coaxed home, but the cloud of smoke indicated that all was not well!! It has since been decided that it was beyond economic repair.

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