Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May began with a visit to Firth Park Methodist Church on sunday 8th May. This was a flower festival to celebrate their centenary. Jonathan's family were originally from Firth Park and he had provided some of the materials for the historic display.

Monday 9th was the mens' breakfast and Jonathan had to cook breakfast because Dave was in London for the day with work.

Tuesday 10th, Susannah had to be at chapel to allow the piano tuner in.

Wednesday 18th, Susannah was off with the alterations sub committee to look at kitchen equipment. Later that day she was at the Ladies meeting, and finally represented the church at a meeting of the friends of the Mayfield Environmental Education Centre.

After Church on 22nd May, Jonathan stayed behind in order to try to complete the mowing of the grass, started previously.

Tuesday 22nd May was a Tuesday, but we were shopping for the supper club. On Wednesday Nathan, Susannah and Jonathan made several visits to chapel to transport the shopping. After work, Susannah and Jonathan were cooking, preparing and setting the tables ready for Thursday.

Friday 27th, we both went down after work to clean and tidy after the meal.

The bank holiday weekend was spent printing leaflets, newsletters, posters and letters ready for the next few months.

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