Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December 2011

On December 8th we went to the circuit meeting at St. Mary's Wesleyan Reform Church where susannah was to complete her two year term of office at the circuit president. Jonathan was inducted as the next president for another two year term. In the previous few days, he had been preparing a calendar with a picture of each church in the circuit. since there are twelve churches this is one per month. The idea is that it will encourage the churches to pray for each other throughout the year. Representatives of each church were given a copy.
The next publishing venture was the service sheets and menu for "Five Courses and Carols"
Susannah spoke at the Carol Service at Hamden View Church on Wednesday 14th. In the evening Jonathan and Jamie were baking in readiness for the "Five Courses and Carols" event whilst Susannah laid the tables.
The menu was: Appetiser; Carollers' Cup: Starter; Fish and Ships: Main Course; Chicken Drumsticks and vegetables: Dessert; Deep and Crisp Apple Snow: Sweet; Silver bells, tea and coffee:
The carol sheets for the carol service had to be printed. Jonathan led the service at 3-00p.m. on the 18th.
On the 19th we went carol singing round the valley as usual and were well received by the people we visited.
The carol singing with the Salvation Army was well attended on Wednesday 21st, as was the morning service at 10-30 on Christmas Day.
Happy New Year!

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