Monday, July 2, 2012

May 2012

Early in May there was the coffee morning to shop and prepare for, and the grass to mow (again)
On 13th, Susannah and Jonathan were preaching at our Hampden View church on the Connexional plan.  This is the scheme whereby preachers are sent to churches centrally, rather than by the invitation of the churches themselves.
On Sunday 20th, Susannah was preaching at our Coal Aston church and on the 20th, we were both doing the shopping for the supper club.  Thursday 24th, we were both cooking for the meal.
Most of the rest of this week was spent in preparing the leaflets and posters for the coming events and posting them, not to mention hand delivering about 600 leaflets in the surrounding area.  
On Sunday 27thy, Susannah was preaching at Mayfield and Jonathan at our Greenhead Chapel in Chapeltown.
After these services we met with the people of Hampden View for Lunch and then went to Wesley Hall Methodist church for the "Whit Sing.".  This event is the direct descendant of the sings in the parks of former years

The Sunday School Union is now called Sheffield Christian Education Council, and is about to be reinvented again.

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