Tuesday, January 8, 2013

November 2012

November was a busy month, is addition to the events, there were 800 copies of the church Christmas card to print, assemble sign and put into envelopes, ready to distribute in the area, and post to our mailing list.
On 4th November, Jonathan was preaching at our Greenhead church.
 They had recently erected a new noticeboard outside the church to advertise their activities.
 In the afternoon, Susannah was preaching at our Coal Aston Church.
On the 8th, Jonathan was speaking at Hatfield House Lane Methodist Church Guild.  His theme was heaven and the afterlife.
On the 10th, Susannah attended a prophetic prayer meeting at St. Peter's Church in Ellesmere.
Susannah preached at Mayfield on the 11th in the morning.
On the 14th Susannah went to Hampden View to speak at the midweek meeting.  On the 15th she represented the circuit at the third sector assembly meeting.
On the 16th, Susannah and two other members took our boxes to "Operation Christmas Child"
On the 17th, Susannah went as a circuit representative to the Union Half-Yearly meeting at our Syresham church.
On Sunday 18th, Jonathan visited Sharrow Vale Church as part of his commitment to visit every church in the circuit.  This is home to "The Crowded House"  He was able to check out their claim to offer some of the best coffee in Sheffield!  The inside of the building has been extensively remodelled.  A picture is available at their website.  http://www.thecrowdedhouse.org/sheffield
In the afternoon Jonathan preached at Tapton Hill Congregational Church, and in the evening at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church.

On the 25th, Jonathan preached at Mayfield, the final service in the series on the book of Ephesians.  In the afternoon, Susannah preached at Tapton Hill Congregational Church.  
On the 27th, Susannah went to discuss the report about the half-yearly meeting to the circuit meeting.
On the 29th, both Susannah and Jonathan went to a meeting at Hampden View Church for the circuit to discuss opportunities for outreach.  Jonathan chaired the meeting.  The outcomes were decisions to further investigate a stall at Sheffield Fayre next August, and to hold events at each church followed by a central circuit event at a later date.  It is quite exciting!!

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