Thursday, March 14, 2013

January 2013

On January 6th, Jonathan led the covenant Service at Mayfield, and Susannah led the Covenant service at our Greenhead chapel. 
On January 13th, Susannah led worship at Mayfield. 
Susannah led the meeting at Chapeltown Methodist Church in the afternoon of the 17th.  Jonathan attended the cleaning day at Mayfield. 
On the 18th, Susannah went shopping for the food and other bits for the church party on the 19th.  On the 23rd, Susannah and Jonathan attended the funeral of "Mac" Collier, a member of the congregation, which was led by Brian Kay. 
On the 24th, Susannah and Jonathan went to the circuit Preachers and leaders of worship fellowship where Andy Wilcock led our thoughts on "Leading your congregation in prayer".  On the 25th Susannah went to the coffee morning at Greenhead.
The Church AGM was due to be held on the 30th, but we decided to postpone the meeting due to the weather.  It was subsequently rescheduled for the 13th of March.

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