Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 2012

The early part of the month was spent collecting books and getting them to chapel.  These then had to be displayed ready for the book festival.  Following the festival, the remaining books had to be re-packed.  If anyone has a use for about 20 boxes of second hand books for a charitable purpose, please get in touch.
The bog garden continues to grow well, and some plants which we thought had succumbed to more vigorous competition have been found to return this year.
 Walking home along School Green Lane, we were inspired to take an artistic picture of the view.
 Susannah preached at Mayfield on 5th, and Jonathan on the 12th.
Inspired by a conversation between Wally Batty and Nora Batty (Last of the Summer Wine)  Susannah led our out of doors service on the 19th.

The conversation ran something like:
Nora:  Sometimes I think that you think of me as Just a wife!
Wally:  I've never thought of you as Just a wife.  Your'e about as much wife as any man could be expected to handle!

The theme of the service was "Not just a man!"

The 21st and 22nd were spent shopping a preparing for the supper club on the 23rd.

Susannah preached at Tapton Hill Congregational church on the 26th and 2-45p.m.  and Jonathan was at Greenhead at 11-00a.m.
The sight of the swallows gathering on the telephone line reminded us that Autumn is fast approaching.
 The trees will be changing colour soon.
Mowing the field proved more hazardous than expected when Jonathan got the mower stuck in the bog near the appropriately named Bog Garden.  Unfortunately, this bent the cutter blade when it dug into the ground.  Repairs are ongoing!

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