Tuesday, September 11, 2012

July 2012

Jonathan was preaching at Mayfield on Sunday July 1st, and was under instruction not to be long winded as we were setting off to Derbyshire.  After a brief coffee following the service, we set off.
Travelling along an apparently endless track,
 we eventually arrived at what passed for a car park, but which had space for rather fewer cars than had arrived.
 A rather picturesque farmhouse came into view, and we knew that we had arrived at the journey's end.
This was where we were to attend the annual love feast in a barn.  More details and pictures are available on the church blog.
Susannah was preaching at our Greenhead church on the 8th at 11-00a.m.
On Thursday 12th, we went to Hampden View Church for the quarterly Local Preachers and Leaders of Worship Fellowship.  Andy Wilcock led us in considering the use of story telling in the old testament and in worship.
Susannah preached at Mayfield on the 15th.  On the 17th she met with the Ladies meeting leader to discuss future developments.  Later in the week, both of us prepared the afternoon pet and animal service on a theme of Noah, and printed the orders of service.
Susannah preached at our Philadelphia church on 22nd at 10-45.
On the 24th and 25th we had to do the shopping for the supper club and then spent the evening of the 25th  preparing the beginnings of the meal.
Susannah preached at Tapton Hill Congregational Church on the 29th.

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